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The AmeriPlan Dental® Plan can save you up to 80% on your dental expenses providing you with affordable dental for you and your family

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Need a discount dental care program that is not insurance?  
Check out AmeriPlan® for dental, vision, chiropractic 
and prescription only.

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The AmeriPlan® Business Opportunity could be what you are looking for

Here's what some are saying about the AmeriPlan Dental® Care Plan:

“I had a root canal done including the crown for $820.00 with my AmeriPlan® savings.
That was about a $700.00 savings. And I paid $4.30 for my medicine prescription as opposed to $30.00. What a savings. Thanks AmeriPlan® I could not be happier.”
Mona C. – Arlington, TX

“When I used my AmeriPlan Dental®  for teeth cleaning, I happily saved 60% instead
of paying $85.00, I only paid $35.00. When I received a prescription from my doctor, it
wasn’t covered under our insurance policy. With AmeriPlan® I save 50% every month
and only pay $17.00 instead of $34.00.”
Kelly F. – Foothill Ranch, CA

“My doctor’s office called in two prescriptions for me. The pharmacy informed me
that my insurance coverage through my employer had been cancelled so I pulled out
my AmeriPlan® card and the cost for both was $11.49! A savings of 65% off retail
and a 43% savings from my insurance. From now on, I will always pull out my
AmeriPlan® card first!”
Terri V. – Phoenix, AZ

“Dr. Taylor began working on Alberta on Monday 9/13/04 incurring a cost of $3800.00. Thanks to the AmeriPlan Dental® Program we have saved $1500.00 resulting in a
total net charge of $2300.00.”
Frank & Alberta W. – Bowling Green, KY

“In the first six months that I had AmeriPlan® I saved $225.00 using the dental
program and $335.00 on my eye exam and glasses. Within another six month I had
also saved another $221.00 on prescriptions.”
Jen S. – Conifer, CO

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